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Photo Essays

Boiler Rebuild & Inspection of 2000
The PRPA disassembled, tested, and rebuilt the boiler of the SP&S 700 in the year 2000 in accordance with the FRA's then-new "Steam Locomotive Inspection and Maintenance Standards" (CFR49 Part 230). This extensive and expensive job, often called the 15-year rebuild or 1472-day rebuild, is a requirement of all steam locomotives to ensure public safety. It took about a year to complete the work.
Cutting boiler flues from the firebox

Cutting a tube in the firebox. Photo by Dale Birkholz.

Southern Pacific's Brooklyn Roundhouse
Southern Pacific built a roundhouse at its Brooklyn Yard in 1912, then added on a four-stall addition to house its newest and biggest steamers in 1948. The original roundhouse was razed and the remaining addition fell out of use until the 1970s when Portland's three steam engines, including the SP&S 700, were pulled out of Oaks Park and brought to Brooklyn for restoration. The building served as home base for all three locomotive groups until the locomotives could be moved to their permanent home within the Oregan Rail Heritage Center.

Stablemates at Brooklyn Roundhouse, Oct 2002. Photo by Terry Thompson.

Portland's Railroad History
Explore the history of railroading in Portland, OR. A timeline of regional and national events help show how the railroads helped the city become a major west coast port. Pictures illustrate the changes.

Portland Union Depot ca. 1901