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The SP&S 700 is an excellent example of the nation's world-leading achievements in steam and rail engineering and manufacturing. However, while awesome to look at when cold and still, the 700 has always been meant to move and do work. The PRPA was founded to restore the Lady to operation because its members believed that only a fraction of the historical value of a steam locomotive resides in how it looks as a static object. The full sensory impact—including the motion, sounds, smells, and even tastes of the locomotive—are representative of "the age of steam" and are essential to understanding and conveying its full historic meaning. Today, we continue to believe that a steam locomotive's main value resides in its function, and we strive to bring the Lady to life for the public as often as we can.

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The PRPA is in the midst of a major rebuild of the SP&S 700's boiler in preparation for the FRA 1472-day inspection. Consequently, no excursions will be undertaken in 2016, but you can do your part to get the Lady back out on the road. Find out how by visiting our Rebuild Campaign page!!