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SP&S 700 Test Run

The past year has been spent working hard to bring about improvements to the 700 in preparation for our coming excursion in Montana.

The major work items were:
  • Rebuild each valve with brand new liner, bull rings, piston rings, spool, and shaft (everything but the spiders).
  • Rebuild the power reverse.
  • Remove rods for bearing inspection and conduct precise tram measurements.
  • Rebuild the feedwater pump.
  • Replace the tender's wheels with new ones and the bearings with new Timken sealed AP bearings.
  • Remove and inspect pistons and rings.
  • Replace all the brick in the firebox with brand new firebrick.

    Yesterday, Sept 29, 2002, we culminated this work with a successful test run on the Portland & Western track out to Hillsboro and back. We are very pleased with the results and are now turning to the final preparations prior to leaving for Montana in little over a week.

    All photos by Terry Thompson.
    SP&S 700

    As the 700 backs out of the roundhouse under its own steam, the onlookers break into applause and cheers.

    SP&S 700

    On the turntable, Greg Kamholz is in the engineers seat while P&W pilot Ken Nichols is in the gangway.

    SP&S 700

    On the P&W at St. Mary's junction, the 700 has been coupled to a string of 17 cars weighing about 2200 tons. While it's sunny at the time of this picture, the weather will change shortly to a hard shower. Since the start is uphill through two switches and the track is now slippery, we elect to take the safe course and have nearby power help us up the hill and cut off at the first opportunity.

    in the cab of the 700

    A tired, but happy Acting President Jim Vanderbeck rests a moment at St. Mary's.

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