Pacific Railroad
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Tender Wheels and Bearings Project, Part One

Thanks to the generosity of some fine folks, we are able to replace the wheels and bearings on the 700's tender. Gunderson, Inc. is donating new wheels and the labor involved in pressing wheels on/off. Timken has donated new AP bearings and the final result will be a tender that has running gear that can be replaced with off-the-shelf components should the need arise.

Part One: Removing the old wheelsets and putting temporary wheelsets in their place

tender truck over drop pit

This view into the drop pit shows the hoist in its trackway. The hoist itself is water-powered, while movement along the track is air-powered. At the top center is a tender wheel ready to be lowered from the truck. Photo by Terry Thompson

tender truck over drop pit

The wheels and axle are being dropped out of the truck. Photo by Terry Thompson

tender truck over drop pit

Walt Eisenman contols the hoist to bring the wheelset just removed up out of the drop pit. In the foreground are (from left) Jim Vanderbeck, Bob Vanderbeck and Steve Speer. To the right is the front of the tender. Photo by Terry Thompson

forklift moving a wheelset

Linda Vanderbeck takes a wheelset outside. In the background are Don Wheeler, Jeff Tryka and Bob Vanderbeck. Photo by Terry Thompson

rolling a wheelset on track

Walt Eisenman and Jeff Tryka roll away a wheelset just delivered by Linda Vanderbeck, while Don Wheeler and Jim Vanderbeck observe. Photo by Terry Thompson

tender truck over drop pit

Steve Speer (on the right side) is operating the air valve that controls horizontal movement of the hoist. This is bringing in a temporary spare wheelset. Photo by Terry Thompson

back of 700 cab

View of the 700 without her tender. Photo by Terry Thompson

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