Pacific Railroad
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SP&S 700 Homecoming Excursion Photos - April 20-23, 2001

Day 1 - Vancouver to Pasco

SP&S 700 on Vancouver RR bridge

Backing onto the swing bridge after boarding. Photo by Michael Christy

SP&S 700

Near Washougal. Photo by William Adwell

SP&S 700

Runby at Avery. Photo by Kerrigan Gray.

SP&S 700

We stopped at Avery to do two run-bys and shoot the rods. Photo by Peter Schuytema.

Day 2 - Pasco to Spokane

SP&S 700

Leaving Pasco. The steam under the cab is exhaust from the tank heat, which was warming the fuel back up after a cool night. Photo by Ted Curphey

SP&S 700

Climbing the Second Coulee above Connell, the only car not visible in this great shot was the last car, the James J. Gilmore. Photo by Ted Curphey

SP&S 700

After having to stop because of valve lubrication trouble, we were met by a freight. BNSF quickly removed the middle engine, #6308, and put it on the point of our train, enabling us to continue with only a slight delay. Photo by Heather Meiklejohn.

SP&S 700

Crowd at Ritzville, WA. Photo by Jim Fitzgerald.

Day3 - Spokane to Pasco

SP&S 700

Photo by Ted Curphey

Day 4 - Pasco to Vancouver, (just stayed in Pasco)

SP&S 700

Early morning at Pasco grain track, preparing to move to the depot. Photo by Terry Thompson.

power car

After the derailment, the power car (Montana Daylight) is being lifted. Photo by Chris Jacks.

tool car

Re-railing the Kenny Prager (PRPA tool car). Photo by Chris Jacks.

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Our thanks to William Adwell, Peter Schuytema, Heather Meiklejohn, Chris Jacks, Jim Fitzgerald, Kerrigan Gray, and Michael Christy for making their photos available to this website.

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